Jabulani gives every child admitted in the centre an opportunity to go through formal education. All children at Jabulani Children’s Village go to government and private schools. It is the desire of Jabulani Children’s Village management to lay a good education foundation in the children. In order for us to attain this, Jabulani Children’s Village has come up with a policy to send all the younger children in private schools and later on send them to government schools, thus making a solid knowledge and educational foundation for the child.


Jabulani Children’s Village has a playschool that is used therapeutically with the children. Most of our children have gone through traumatic experiences and it is here the children are being helped.

On the other side of the playschool we have a qualified secondary school teacher who takes care of the children’s academic knowledge and thereby ensuring that the children are provided help with their homework and at the same time prepare those who need to start school. The playschool is also used as a study room and computer lab where children are equipped with computer skills to match the technology era we are living in.

Jabulani Children’s Village does not only offer formal education, but strives to ensure that the children are taught different types of skills. Every child at Jabulani Children’s Village, depending on the age and ability of the child, is expected to attend the sewing school where they are taught how to sew and knit. We have two qualified teachers who pass on the knowledge they have to the children.