Quality of our Products

We harvest trees from the plantations, transport them to Jabulani Sawmill where they are sawn and then the timber is transferred to the board factory where it is processed into Jabulani Boards.

All our raw materials for Jabulani Boards are seasoned to reduce moisture content to the desired percentage and by that we produce high quality laminated boards.


High quality
boards and furniture

Our factory uses a special technique for making laminated boards. Our boards are not finger joined, we glue pieces of wood with the same sizes together so as to avoid having lines in our boards.

By making boards in different sizes we offer the best choice to our customers to ensure that the boards will suit them perfectly, which will also save money for our customers.

Easy as that!

Jabulani Boards are unique in quality and size. This makes it easier for our customers to buy the boards in the different sizes they want. Making furniture has never been easier, neater and more enjoyable, with Jabulani Baords you are assured the best result with every product.

  • Order boards in desired size
  • Put together the
    piece of furniture
  • Done!


Building on our existing high level of corporate social responsibility, we have taken initiative to partner with the Zambia Forestry and Forest Industries Corporation (ZAFFICO) in replanting of trees. For every one (1) tree we cut for timber production, three (3) more trees are planted in return. This is done to ensure that there is enough trees for the future generation and we are proud to be part of those who prevent forest degradation.